It's been cold here in Minnesota and I am not one to get involved in Winter activities such as skiing, sledding, snowmobiling or even taking the trash cans to the curb. So I have been catching up on a few favorite TV shows on the cold cold nights. One new favorite has been Dr. Who. I watched it a few times bake in the 1980's when Tom Baker was the Doctor. I didn't think any other actor could come close to what he did but now I understand the whole concept of regeneration and how that works so well with having a new actor, new face, new personality. It also gets me thinking about one of my favorite sci-fi concepts...Time Travel. Dr. Who, the crew of the starship Enterprise, and even Marty McFly have all traveled through time. They used starships, police phone boxes and Deloreans to move through time. I wondered what I would use to build a time machine. The answer was obvious. A piano! 

Why not? Every piano is already a time machine. Just listen to the sounds of Mozart, Rachmaninoff and Gershwin coming from a piano and it's like you are going back in time. The music they composed can be played anytime, sounding fresh and new with each note. I grew up listening to my father play a lot of the great piano pieces and remember them fondly. The music travels through time on the piano and each new generation hears it as a new composition, bringing joy and inspiration to people all over the world. 

So, if you have a piano sitting in your living room that hasn't been played for a while, go dust it off, get out the piano books you used a a kid in 1974 and start playing. Play anything! You will find it can transport you to the 1800's to hear music by Frederic Chopin or back to 1968 when you play Lady Madonna by the Beatles. You will be surprised at the places your piano can take you.

Oh, and if it sounds like it is from a saloon in Deadwood in the 1880's, give your local piano tuner a call and he'll make sure the Flux Capacitor is working properly so you can keep traveling in time for years to come.

Thanks Ralph Covert for the inspiration of the title of this post. If you have kids, check out his Time Machine Guitar, coming soon to a PBS station near you!