It is a bit slow this time of year for the Piano Technician. School is out, families working in their yards, going on vacations and priorities have changed. However you should not forget to take care of your piano year round. Keeping it in tune and maintaning proper humidity is important all the time.  Besides, your kids might practice year round if the piano is in tune!

If you are going to put off the tuning until Fall when school starts, get your appointment booked now. I will send out reminders a couple days before your appointment so you won't forget.

Enjoy the nice weather!


06/11/2016 2:36am

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you should be prepare for the new school year and don't forget to read all the summertime literature!

10/11/2016 9:45am

I always say that you need to do what you like even if it would brings you little money.

10/11/2016 9:47am

Please send us a remind letter if we'd forget about your service.


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