After several comments from customers asking about my "shop" I have decided to change the name of my business. Yes, I have a small shop where I can do repairs, but I guess some think I have a storefront somewhere, possibly selling pianos as a dealer! As much as I would enjoy that it just isn't the case. I am a piano technician that does 99% of my business on site in homes, churches and schools. Because of this I have decided that "Scott's Piano Service" says what I do better than the name "Scott's Piano Shop". 

Nothing else has changed. You will see the name slowly switch over in my marketing (business cards, ads, the calendars you get at the end of the year) and a new website is coming. In fact, it is already live.



05/04/2016 1:58pm

Scott’s piano shop name is much better then Scott’s piano services, the people can easily understand you selling the best piano on your shop and the peoples must visit who wanted to repair their piano. Best of luck with new shop name.

10/11/2016 9:42am

Yes I think this change is for better recognition of what you are doing.

10/11/2016 9:44am

Why you don't have a blog on a new website? it was interesting to read!

11/09/2016 4:56am

I think it was a good decision for you to change the name of your shop. Good luck with your business!


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